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Friday, July 21, 2006

Impending doom Cometh....

In about half an hour actually!

Paul has just driven off to go and pick Abigail and Iain up from school and thats it, end of term, no more school for 6 whole weeks.  When they go back Abigail will be in reception class and sporting her first ever school uniform and Iain will be in year 5/6, only a year away from leaving for High School and I might add that on the 6th of September he'll be 10 years old.  OMG am I really so old, I can't actually beleive that he can be 10 already!

Kids really do grow up quicker than you can imagine and whilst I slightly dread the thought of them all here on top of each other for the next 6 weeks, I know that it will soon be over and also that there will be lots and lots of fun and adventures to be had.

Paul is doing really well on the quest of no smoking although he has been spikier than the proverbial hedgehog today, we do just keep telling him that he's doing really well and we all gave him a clap and three hip hip hoorays. 

I'm hoping that if we keep firing loads of PMA at him we'll get through it without a divorce!!

Giving up smoking is hard but dying young and leaving children without parents would be harder!

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