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Monday, July 03, 2006

What a great end....

To the West Wing last night, surely a tribute to the marvellous actors and actresses who have kept us on the edge of our faux political seats for the last 6 years.  I'm truly going to miss this show, it started in 2000 over here just after Hubby and I married and I guess that this programme has been with us every step of the way, it was pretty much a constant for half the year every year and in our household it will be sorely missed as will the wonderful John Spencer who sadly passed away before the series ended.

In Lost last night, something finally happened (shocker) we actually got to meet one of "The Others" and Jack decided he was going to build himself an army, blimey it's about time they did that (NOT) like they're ever goig to beat them, they do have the paranormal on their side after all, could it be infact that "The others" are actually the people who died on the island?  Who ever they are it seems like there are quite a few of them but then we knew that already, after all if you are going to keep a series on a small island going for 5 years then you are going to need plenty of spare characters just waiting in the wings, or in the case of Lost in small hatches at various points around the island.

Big Brother continues to amaze with the whole "House next Door" fiasco, genius or just going too far, I haven't figured that one out yet.  What I do know is that with each passing series there seem to be more people going into the house than there are leaving it, perhaps one day the first one to actually be evicted will be the winner and the rest who are left will be left to malinger for entertainment eternity!

So all that TV talk can only mean 1 thing, Yes I have absolutely nothing goig on in my life right now! LOL

Oh 1 small point, it's the Craft Kingdoms cyber crop on Saturday to raise hopefully tons of money for breast cancer research and of course we have some great prizes including a whole set of Prima papers donated by HappyScrapper and a £100 voucher for Ellison designs.

We don't even mind if you aren't in the uk, Crafters all over the world, come join in, with quizzes, classes and almighty challenges, we'd really love it if you did!

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