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Monday, July 24, 2006


I'm planning to enter "The Scrapbook Magazine" Scrapbooker of the year and so far I'm not doing so well, I have one in the drawer which is a definite maybe and these two which are rejects, not that I don't like them and to be honest it was Paul who said they were definite no's but after looking at them I can see why!!

So I have till 30th of September to come up with 2 more totally sensational layouts!!

I'm not even hoping to win though I just want to give it a go although I wouldn't say no to the prize of £1500 of free stash!! Posted by Picasa


Rosemary said...

Let me guess ... the scrapping has overpowered the photo, is that it?? I still like them, but I have seen you do better.

You'll do fine, just quit trying for the prize and do something you like!!!


jafabrit said...

Having seen some of your work I don't doubt for a minute you won't come up with something stunning. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

In regards to the anon poster, I too wish to send a BIG cyber hug. I have been there, in the pit of hell and despair. It is very lonely.

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