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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Cyber Crop Madness

Well the Cyber Crop on the Craft Kingdom has finally arrived and I am really looking forward o exercising my creativity, lets just hope that I can actually find some to give a workout too.  I'm not entirely sure what is wrong with me but the last couple of days I have been el Mammio Grouchio, quite disturbing it is too as I'm not really used to being grouchy at the moment, actually for a while I have been top of the tower, no I fear that I'm doing a cliff dive into the deep waters of depression, lets just hope that the lifeboats are waiting to rescue me before i get in too deep and drown!

Actually really I'm not wanting to moan it's just that I'm not sleeping very well at the moment, I never sleep very well but it's particularly bad with all this intense heat, we british are not used to such sustained periods of mugginess, gawd elp us if we get to August and it's even hotter, I knew I should have had my hysterectomy in the winter, atleast then the hot flushes could have warmed me up and saved a fortune on my heating bills!

All the family have just departed to go and see the second head of bealzebub or mother as she would like to be known,  I'm off to inject myself and cure this migraine before all the cyber cropping madness commences at 10am!

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