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Sunday, July 16, 2006

It's Sunday Beeeeee Quiet

LOL, ok, actually I know it's not the best close-up shot of a bee ever but to be honest it's the first one I have taken, ever! I really need to get a stronger macro lens, I have seen a set on Ebay which let you get super-d-duper close so I'm thinking I may get those, they're only cheap and won't last forever but so is my camera, even with the current financial climate it will be replaced by Christmas.

If you want a better veiw you can click to make it bigger BTW! So that was the bee in my back garden having a lovely time collecting pollen from the lavender, OOh Lavender honey, how scrumptuous!!

What will today bring, well I can't be sure but I suspect it may be a trip to a park with a water-play area as it's going to be another scorcher, we brits just aren't used to this kind of summer, it's totally sun-tastic!! Posted by Picasa

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fin said...

That bee is so cute and fuzzy.

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