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Monday, July 31, 2006

My daughter...

She's totally fabulous really even though she can whinge for England, I can't claim to have taken this I'm afraid, this one is all down to Dad, I did the photoshop bit after though with a lovely nifty action!!

Anyway the girlies had a super time at Grandmas and we went out for the day today which ended up being slightly more eventful than I had hoped due to the heaviest rain for what seems like an Eon.

So we're stuck in this Maize Maze, it's 3 miles long and takes around 2 hours to do, this is not good when stormforce rains begin. I'm running in my flipflops like the veloceraptor, my hubby calls me Velocemammy!! Looby is screaming as she has done the entire maze because she doesn't quite get it and now whats more is she doesn't get it and it's wet!! SO we're breaking through the corn at this point, sod the actual paths, we want to be out and back in the car in double quick time. I'm thinking that when I finally emerged I must have looked like I was in some kind of Sci-fi action movie and maybe a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure. After this we brought new brollies for the girls, this of course wasn't to stop them from being soaked as they really couldn't get any wetter by this point but buying the brollies was in fact a sign that when they look back they'll think oh yes we must have had a good day, little do they remember what it was really like! Mwahahahahaha Posted by Picasa
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