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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sometimes in life...

There really isn't a lot to say, I have stuff going on right now but I really don't want to get in to it, it's not fair on you my dear reader to have your ears deafened and your hearts saddened.  All I will say is that Boy do I wish my therapist was on her holidays at the moment!  Thankfully we have a session next week, I'm thinking that she may well have another week off by the time I'm finished.

Just to keep my spirits up, lets today all be thankful for the five following things :-

My wonderful children who keep my spirits up no matter what is going on in my life.

The sunshine, without it I would be just another sufferer of SAD and I'm not sure that the world could handle that at the moment.

My lack of Hormones, Ah thank goodness for hysterectomies, I would be the biggest bitch in the world right now if I hadn't of had that.

My Craft, without that I would be in despair, my life has changed so much since I became a crafter.

My dreadful sense of humour, I'm thankful that even in the darkest hours I can usually find something small to laugh about!

If you are feeling down today try making a list of five things to be thankful for in your life and I guarantee when you have got to number five you'll be feeling a whole lot better.

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Sparkling said...

A laugh a day keeps th doctor away

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