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Sunday, July 23, 2006


Yes I know it's a photograph of very much nothing except for sunshine and blue skies, oh and a little ocean but really thats what it's been like in the north of England for the entire summer, the driest, hottest summer for 100 years, I may have mentioned that already. Thats the point though, I'm a brit and we brit are fascinated by the weather, we love nothing more than to moan about our dire british summers and what happens when its a scorcher, yes we all moan about it being too blinkin hot! it is a bit on the hot side though and it's now been confirmed, there are pensioners walking around without thermal vests, waiscoast and in some cases we've even seen old ladies without cardigans!!

So it will be another day poolside for us today and by poolside I mean Early Learning Centre £5 paddling poolside!! Ah well who needs a big pool and luxury sun-liners (actually I won't be refusing if anyone is offering)!! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

I think that's a lovely photo! Oh, to be by the seaside. And I mean in a *not brighton but actual seaside without 10,000 Chelsea-on-sea annoying people* seaside.

My Shoes said...

great picture!

Anonymous said...

Great Pic love it. Never seen the North Sea looking so "Med". I only remember it crashing and wild.

Hope it's still like that in a couple of weeks :)


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