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Monday, July 17, 2006

Summer means

1. Days spent in the garden

2. More Sun cream than ever before

3. Salads followed by fruit salads

4. Ice cream filling up the freezer

5. Wet towels and puddles on the kitchen floor

6. My hubby in shorts (yum yum)

7. Spending loads of time at the beach

8. Cutting down on our TV veiwing by atleast 70%

9. More time spent being a family

10. Hot flushes by the dozen

Summer this year really has been summer, yesterday we spent the entire day in our teeny back garden, the girls were in the paddling pool and we all had a fabulous time! It's the end of term on Friday and I'm hoping we'll be spending lots more days like this, luckily you don't need money to have fun, just as well really as my Child support for Iain has been put on hold unexpectedly, not good for us at all but I suppose there's no point in being bitter though i am angry. I'll not go on about it here though, thats for the CSA and I'm going to be their new best friends and call them every day until this situation is resolved. Posted by Picasa

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