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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I just wrecked

2 layouts in a row, the first one got gold paint splattered all over the photograph a couple of days ago and had to be binned as it was unrescueable, then tonight my trusty souffle pens gave up on me and I decided to use a gold pen which just looked a mess and wrecked the blinkin thing.

I think I know the reason, I have been so focussed on scrapping for the darned TSBM scrapbooker of the year competition that I have completed a bunch of second rate layouts because I was trying to hard, I put too much pressure on myself and I stopped scrapping for myself, my art is a whole lot better when it's just for me!!

I have until the end of September to come up with 3 layouts and 1 is already in the bag so all I have to hope is that I come up with 1 amazing piece per month for the next two months, there's got to be something in there as I usually do around 20 a month!!

I'm really trying to be bright and shiny and happy but at the moment the gods are working against me.

Pauls trip to the job centre was quite successful and he has an appointment to see a specialist broker next wednesday who wil work with him to get him a job which works alongside his illness and someone to call if it all gets too much.  Working when you have psychotic anxiety is not easy but I know he'll triumph because thats the kind of guy he is and thats why I love him and no I don't begrudge the fact that he cheated on Battle of The Blogs earlier and beat me, don't tell him I know though!!

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