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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I had an Epiphany....

last night during a dream and it told me exactly what I should be blogging about today, however since waking I seem to have forgotten, isn't that always the way!

Something funny is going on at the Craft Kingdom (in a good way) we've had an influx of overseas members all wanting to join in with the postman stash challenge, now the challenge is simple, every month I send out an envelope full of altered art goodies and the recipient makes something gorgeous with them.

So yesterday morning an Australian lady asked if she could join in and then just this morning I've had a message from an American lady wanting to join in, gosh I'm thinking I may have come up with a good concept here.  I'm not sure where it's all going to end up but it's great that we're reaching an even wider audience, we have receieved atleast 10 new members over the past few days and as 1 of the owners of the forum that makes me very very happy, of course I'll probably also end up bankrupt in the long term as none of the owners make even 1 bean from it and it's destined to stay that way.  I love it though, I love that I achieved something after always being seen as such a failure by mum, although she doesn't see me as a success and anything I do on the internet as previously mentioned is just pretend.  Oh thats right if you can't actually see it and hold it then it can't be real, thats how she must have missed the whole concept of Love!!

I have a new link in my sidebar, please go visit Jafabrit, she's a lovely geordie lady (i.e from Newcastle upon Tyne) living in the US, she's an incredibly talented artist and check out yesterdays photos of the art with the TEETH!!

It's granny vistero today so goodness knows how long that will take, could be a couple of hours, could be a whole day, you never really quite know, what you can guarantee though is that they will be intermittent stops for coffee and cake along the way!!  I bet you all thought I went for the shopping! Mwahahahahaha

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jafabrit said...

wow, thanks for the mention, way cool. now it is my turn to be chuffed as mintballs :)
I love the postman stash challenge idea. It is going to be fun to see what people come up with. 10 new members within such a short time is fantastic.

ugh, some family!!!!! what can I say, I know how you feel. My father was the same. Apparently I was stupid from the day I was born. uh huh!!!! whatever!!

Anonymous said...

I know where you are both coming from. When I was born I nearly died. My Father actually told me he wished I had!

Any wonder why I was the only one not crying at his funeral. I wanted peace at last no more pain on his headstone but for some reason no one would let me!!


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