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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I'm so angry...

With my mother at the moment, I can't really go into the details but since I have started therapy it's getting increasingly more difficult for me hold back when I speak to her, she's done so much damage. I wouldn't have half the battle scars that I carry if it weren't for her.

Some random thought :-

I may blog later if I can calm myself down a little.

I really hope that my children never feel this way towards me.

Therapy has made me see clearly for the first time ever.

Just because your job is creative and mostly online doesn't mean it's not real.

Just because I don't work in a bank anymore doesn't make me a failure.

I really hated working in the bank, I used to cry every night for probably 3 of the 6 years.

I thank God every day for my wonderful hubby (and I'm not even that religious)

Because of my hubby I can atlast stand up to my mother, together we are an unbeatable army.

When Dictators lose control, they get Mad!

I am strong and I will get through this.

Abusers are the weak people.

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