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Sunday, July 30, 2006

The afternoon of the morning after the night before..... My word do I feel a little rough today, Paul and I celebrated his upcoming birthday last night on account on account of the fact that there were no children at Chez Charlton.  Now I'm no drinker, this is probably my second session of the year, the last being around my birthday in February!  I can tell you we had a "lorra lorra fun" to use the words of Cilla Black but oh dear now look at that photo then make it 3 kazillion times worse and you'll have some idea of how I feel right now!!  We were naughty parents! LOL

A happy thing occured though, quite unexpectedly the girls rang from grandmas and asked if they could stay for one more sleep so they're not due back till tommorrow morning!  Iain is off out playing again and i'm well, I'm just getting through till bedtime!!

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jafabrit said...

I would rather be feeling rough due to a good night and a bit booze. As it is I am feeling rough coz it is HOT. We have 89% humidity and fast going up about 34c.
glad you had fun.

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