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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday brings....

Not very much in the way of excitement so I thought I would share a few favourites of mine at this very moment in time and so we have.

Thats in no particular order Ewan Mcgregor and David Tennant, everyone needs eye candy to make them feel better, then Wicked the Musical, my most favourite of all musicals, I'm kind of devastated that in our current financial climate I'm not going to get to go and see it when it opens with Idina Menzel in it but hey ho 1 day, then Ice-cream because it's so darned hot at the moment and without it I would be melting myself!!

I'm sure scrapbooking should have been in there as well but I didn't want blogger to throw a total fit at the number of photos I was trying to fit in! LOL

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry something will turn up, it usually does. I hope it's ice-cream yum.

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