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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

You may have noticed....

That I'm blogging late today, I've usually made atleast 3 blogs today already!  Sorry about that but to be honest it's just too hot to think!

We brits just aren't used to all this sustained heat and sunshine and I suspect some internal circuitry has now melted and we'll all just be big piles of gloop by the weekend.

We brits can cope with a little sun but not this much, I mean a hankie on your head is hardly going to protect you in this kind of weather and it's been so sunny for so long that even the whitest nobbliest of knees are turning brown now whether voluntarily or not.  Why I think I even saw an old person without a coat today!

We went off to the coast again for an hour today and whilst smearing myself and my child in SPF 10,005 I wondered if this was the hottest summer ever or if usually we just let the children get burned to charcoal!

You see this year there seems to be panic about the sun, at nursery today I thought it would be a great idea if I sent Abigail in a little sleeveless dress, it would be getting hot after all, but Ah no british sensibility must have kicked in and she came home wearing a t-shirt underneath the dress.  The teacher said it would be better if she did, Why I ask did she think she might catch a chill, it's been 25c for atleast the last month!

Apparently the largest part of skin damage due to the sun happens when we're children so I would have though smearing myself in SPF 15 at the age of 32 probably won't make a great deal of difference!

Atleast I am safe in the knowledge that I am being a responsible parent sending my children to school in SPF 50 (yes I kid you not!!) sunhats, T-shirts oh and maybe scarves and gloves after all we wouldn't want their necks to remain uncovered would we?

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Anonymous said...

Have you got those little hats with the flap of material down the back? I know that my nephew's school used to have them as part of the summer uniform.

O xx

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