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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Life really is.....

The biggest challenge, the worst part of this occurs when 6 days out of 7 are fine and then something insignificant occurs on day 7 and all hell breaks loose, the worst part is that what happens on day seven tells you that what happened on the other 6 days was all just 1 big lie, where do you go with that?

What happens if that were your entire life, what happens if all you beleived in and all that you thought that you were was 1 big lie.

I'll give an example, I always wore size 16 clothes and I still think I should wear them now even though my body tells me that it's a size 14, my mother never gave me that choice though so even when I was 16 years old, I was wearing  size 16 clothes which were too big but it's only now that I've realised why they were always too big, i never really was that  size, the thing is though that I wouldn't even have thought of trying on a smaller size because my mother was right (or not as the correct case may be) so now I try on 14's which usually fit with room to spare, funny thing is that lately mum has lost weight and makes a point of telling me she is now a size 12.

Lies really can become your life to the point where even when you find out the truth, it's still easier to beleive the lie.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I coming to raid your wardrobe :D

Gald you are getting things sort honey.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post! I love what your've done here with your blog. It looks fantastic.

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