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Thursday, July 27, 2006

My husbands back....

Rarely sees the light of day and no one ever gets to see the fabulous tattoo work he has on it (click for a bigger image). Finally today he took his shirt off for the entire afternoon, mind you he didn't have an awful lot of choice seeing as it's been constantly wall to wall sunshine for the last month. Every day we're seeing temperatures in the high 20's (70's in F) and there's no sign of this sunny weather ending! I took this at Ridley park in northumberland, they have a water play park with lots of fabbo fountains and the kids loved being free to run around and get soaking wet, it's not like us brits to be wearing swimming costumes more than coats you know so for now I'm enjoying it!!

Happy Heatwave everyone!! Posted by Picasa

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jafabrit said...

Meanwhile at this end it has been like an old fashioned english day, grotty and grey and wet LOL!

that is an elaborate tattoo and very nice.

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