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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why is it?

That things always look worse before they look better and also Why is it that although a specific job may take a week to complete you run out of energy after the frst day?

I feel positively sick this morning  and I mean really really nautious, goodness knows what it is, probably some random kind of bug but it's not making me feel enthusiastic about finishing off the girls bedroom and sorting out even more junk.

The freecycle people all came to get their stuffs last night but even with the absence of the cot-bed, a huge crate of books and an enormous box and table-top full of toys they still have far too much stuff.

I realise that this has partly occurred because they are so near in ages and also because I over compensate as a mum, so I'm always buying them stuff, I would rather my kids told people that mum tried to hard rather than not trying enough.

Ah well, best get on, there's a load of stuff to go.

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jafabrit said...

Hope you feel better and your day gets better.

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