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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Onwards to a new dawn

Well dear reader yesterday turned out to be another day of high drama, there were phone-calls and rantings, pretty much the same old same old with one distinctive difference:- by around 2pm yesterday the whole family had been disowned never to be contacted again

I think mother realised she was defeated when even Iain had enough and hung up on her, he told us that she was trying to say awful things about us and obviously Iain loves me and his dad very very much. We're so proud of him for standing up to the malevolence and saying a big fat NO, funy how when you empower your children and give them a daily dose of love and support they can conquer almost anything.

I'm still unclear as to whether we're being sued for libel, there was a ranting that me publishing mothers email was illegal but I think it was time for the world to know!

Thanks for all the kind words and comments, I've received more friendship, love and support from my time on the internet than i ever received from my family (well until i met paul obviously!!!)

I bought myself a domain and hosting package last night and it's my intention to start hosting my blog on my own domain, that way I can ban certain IP addresses and also take further steps to protect my images. I'll let you know as soon as I move my blog over to the FTP server, Thank goodness for my webstats though as now i know exactly which IP addresses come from where.

I think the final word on this must go to hubby whom whilst on the phone to granny commented that the last time when we went to her about all the abuse none of it was denied, the comments we received back were "It was a different time and she deserved it all" Yesterday again he raised this point and I would like to state again that NOTHING WAS DENIED. Atleast that is one thing we're all clear on and if it should end up in a court somewhere I don't think I'm going to be the one left crying.

Just to say this is my last word on the matter as I don't think I want to spend the rest of my life dwelling on evil people, in the end the kids were only really upset that all their pocket money had been stolen from them, well they see it as stealing since they aren't allowed to have it unless they all see mother at her house, on her terms, by themselves. Do you really think I would leave my children alone with someone as dangerous as her. No I most certainly would not!!

Happy Days and onwards to the future!!


Fiona said...

Aw - hugs Mandy. Sorry this is all kicking off so nastily. Hope your mum leaves you in peace and just lets you get on with your lives xxx

jafabrit said...

Such negative energy to deal with is so draining. I hope that the positive overwhelms it and you keep smiling.

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