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Friday, January 26, 2007

Up to Mischief!!

This is the face that Looby uses to tell us she's thinking about mischief, usually if we don't take any notice we get the maniacal stage I shared with you in my last blog post! Nothing really to tell you from Chez Charlton at the moment, life is fairly quiet but busy if you know what I mean, Paul and I have both been working increduously hard and trying to squeeze in life around that, it starts to show by a Friday though, atleast I sort of get a lie in tommorrow, Paul still has Saturday morning post to do.

We're off to China town for the friday treat this week, the kids haven't been before and I'm only going as I now know we've reached the stage where all kids will like atleast one dish on the menu, it's a change from our usual family pub Friday night where we go to one of the local family inns for tea, I think you can only do that so many times though as the menu tends to be a little on the limited side. Abigail actually said she would like to go for Sushi which of course I love but Iain probably would be aghast at the thought of raw fish so maybe we'll leave that till my Birthday on Thursday when children are being babysat and it's just Paul and I!

Thought I had made a firm decision on the camera, 11 days till C day and counting, savings so far amount to half the required cost and the rest will be made up with wages, I do love earning my own money! LOL

Anyway for any camera enthusiasts, I was going for the Sony Alpha A100 with 2 extra lenses but today I have seen really great deals on both the Canon 400D and the Nikon D80 argh, the decisions will probably have killed me by the time the 6th of Feb comes (C Day!!!)

Ooh I did get paid for the Memory book this week, the company loved it and I hope to get more work from them in the future, although the book itself had a couple of ups and downs the company were lovely to work with and there was always someone on hand with a quick answer if I had any queries or questions.

Right then, onwards to the weekend and thoughts of that trip to China town might just keep me awake a little longer!


Fiona said...

Hope you are enjoying your Chinese din dins right this minute!

Unknown said...

Tough decision on the Camera. We went for the Nikon D80 with 2 lenses, and love it to pieces. Just getting to grips with it, and learning more about Photoshop and editing in general.

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