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Friday, January 12, 2007

No rest for the wicked....

You may have noticed that I've not updated for a couple of days but when I tell you that I've just been snowed under with work I'm sure you'll understand. Currently Happy Scrapper is very busy indeed, lots of new things on the way in the next couple of weeks so it's all preparation for that, then I have a memory book on the go, a retirement album which will hopefully reach it's conclusion at some point over the weekend and also I have a photography job on next week as well. It really is hard to beleive just how much our lives have changed over the last few months, I think that trip to our lovely friend Jacquis really sorted our heads out because since then I think a little of her scottish luck has definetly rubbed off and things have gone from good to great. Of course i think the most important factor could be the release from the dark Overlords who have tried to control our lives but really I don't think we need to worry about that any longer, yes we may average atleast 4 "Last" letters a week but when the writer actually writes on the back of an envelope "This is not a letter it's a PS" you kind of realise just how disturbed someone really is. It's pretty farcical really but still I worry about Iain who has lost an enormous amount of weight recently, he's so skinny even though we're feeding him up like you wouldn't beleive. Anyway upon further discussion with my therapist and other parties we've decided that he shouldn't have to read anymore letters, come to think of it though he didn't read the last couple as he also thinks the sender is competely barking! So from now on we're keeping the letters of course in case needed at a later date just to prove the insanity of the writer but we'll leave them unopened and stick them in a drawer.

One thing has become very apparent of late, we're all so very happy, the children are happy, Iain is much happier and totally enjoying school at the moment, he has a new teacher who makes him laugh and is only strict when he need be, I say a big old Hurrah for that! I think we just need to get some of that weight back on him, of course he really has always been a bean pole and he did have a week of sickness over the holidays so once again i'm just doing that parental worrying thing!!

So it's the weekend and although I'll hardly look up from work I'm determined that tonight we'll do something fun and Sunday we'll maybe get away for the day.

Do you know, I just ordered some gorgeous shoes from Next and for the first time I didn't have to worry about the price, I never really appreciated the freedom from financial worry until the last couple of weeks. Work Hard, Play Hard, Laugh Harder, thats my new motto!!

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Fiona said...

Glad you are feeling so good about life right now xxx

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