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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I told you so!!

That's one of Abigails favourite faces, mostly saying "I told you so" LOL

I was going to stop posting images on my blog since I found out they were being stolen but handily enough I found a canny peice of Javascript which you insert in your tempate and it automatically disables right click, a feature which in my opinion should be included with blogger as standard.

Anyway thats all by the by, I'm back and I'm better than ever, one of the many features of my childhood would be to be given as presents secret diaries, one I definetly remember had a lock, anyway it usually occurred that I would write in it for a while, then it would be broken into and I would be punished. My blog was never a secret, I doubt it would have had 14,000+ readers if it had. I always knew that my family would find it one day and luckily it came at a time in my life when therapy has helped me not be scared of them any more. So dear reader I shall continue to share, my ups, downs, therapy and other assorted effluvia in exactly the same vein as before and should anyone try to stop me from doing that, i'm sure there are news agencies around the world who would find it quite an interesting story to publish. You may of course wonder why I am taking such a stance, well quite simply freedom of speech and freedom from persecution and if dear reader someone in similar circumstances is helped by any of it then i've done my job. Dear reader I am damaged, given that I'm a whole lot less damaged than when my husband met me, if you want to know just how bad it was then you'll have to ask him (by the way he's not been frightened off blogging either you'll be pleased to know).

It's funny the things we think are normal until we have something "normal" to compare them with!

So dear reader I'm not going to ramble any further this morning, I have said what needs to be said and taken steps to protect myself and long may I continue to blog, for me it's a permanent record that one day my children (from whom i have no secrets)can look back on, they can discover what they were up to when they were just wee beans and beyond!
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