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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Yes dear reader it had to happen,

I have received threats due to having a blog, oh and you're going to love this, the threats were from....

My Mother!!

Dear reader I'm sure you've been following the story and I was already mad to the point of contacting a solicitor myself after yet another letter full of what can only be described as Liabel about my husband (Apparently he's got some dark secrets). Anyway after discussing the letter with my hubby we decided that we would give her one more warning before we took the matter further and then dear reader i receive this in my in-box this afternoon


We suggest that at the start of a New Year you refrain from writing your libellous comments on a public site and also stop writing fantasy about things which did not happen in your life except in your mind.Both written article and reply comments can be held as libel when it is there for all the world to see.We have always kept things within the family and we would not issue written libel on a public site.We could take this matter further but for the sake of our grandchildren enough is enough and it ends both ways.NO MORE WRITTEN ALLEGATIONS ABOUT US AND NO MORE LETTERS FROM US.We will still write the occasional letter to Iain and hopefully he will be allowed to phone us.We also reiterate that we have NEVER said that we do not want to see the children which you well know and we have nothing to do with what granny does,although when we show her what you have written over the year goodness knows what her reaction will be.So once again no more on your Blog and no letters or communication by us to you.We will never stop loving the children and we live in hope that one day we will be allowed to see them at our house in a manner in which I can cope as long as I am able to.We just hope you never have what I have, as it is not hereditary, and we wish the children well and hopefully we will hear from them and even though the feeling is not returned we hope you get your life on track which is all we have ever wanted whatever you think.

Goodbye and goodluck.

Love and Happy New Year to our 3 grandchildren"

So dear reader will I be removing the comments and posts I have made about her, no I bloody well will not. Don't abusers always say things like "it's all in your head"

I'm saying this now, once and for all, loud and clear I am not scared, she knows she could have seen the children at any time she wanted all she had to do was have them all at once or alternatively come and see them, we have reiterated this till we're blue in the faces. Our son doesn't want to ring her because he's mad as hell with her.

The reason i am doing this is so that when my children look back they will see that no one gets away with abuse forever, as she said in one of her many rants "What goes around comes around"

Thanks for listening.


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Laura said...

I can only imagine what you're going through Mandy. Don't let this spoil the fantastic year ahead of you and your family-

(((hugs))) and my thoughts are with you xxx

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