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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ring Ring.....

6.15am this morning :-

Ring Ring, Ring Ring

Me:- Mhelo

Burly man : Is Paul there please

Me: Mmm no he's at work

Burly Man: no he's not he's broken down

Me: oh ok

Burly Man: could you ring him and tell him i'm standing by the phone now

Me: oh ok

I hang up, call hubby:

Me: Ok the man is standing by the phone now

Hubby: thanks darling, bye.

Now then, can I just say there are better ways of being hoisted from your dreams in the morning, especially when you are just about to make a surprise appearance on a catwalk in Milan wearing a rather attractive "This seasons Poncho is all about the bigger woman"

I should have really asked Hubby or indeed the Burly post office employee if both hubby and car were ok but at 6.15am I wasn't really in the mood for pleasantries, I'm sure there was some definite sense somewhere in the phone-call but I tiredly missed it!

I did climb back into bed but I was too perturbed to sleep so I thought I might as well get up, blog about it and then atleast I could laugh about it at a later date!

Right, time to go and stir the children, funny how on Weekends they come into my room at 6.45am asking if they can watch "Cartoons Quietly" 2 things spring to mind, 1 - how come they only sleep in on school days and 2, My children never do anything quietly!!

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Fiona said...

What a rude awakening LOL. Hope Paul and the car are all okay now :D

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