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Friday, January 05, 2007

Settling down..

Well atleast that was the plan, and actually it was all going swimmingly, iain was ill all day yesterday with the sicky bug, only me and Looby to go now!

I painted yesterday afternoon with the girls, they made such lovely painty messes and wonderful works of art were indeed created and then after they got cleaned up Paul baked with them, Thomas cakes and Dora cakes. I think they had a great afternoon and it was fantastic to just be doing something normal.

I commented to hubby that i thought we had been good parents, he said we've always been good parents it's just other people who have chosen to suggest otherwise, this of course is all true, I've worked through it on many an occassion with my therapist and we realised that we've always been plenty good enoug, it's just now that we're well and happy we're flippin fantastic parents most of the time! LOL

We had another letter arrive this morning from the dark headquarters of evil HQ, this one was so completely full of B@~#S;=T that dear reader we're not even going to rise to half of the accusations, to put it plainly it's all a load of crapola!! Iain quickly dispensed with his letter, he knows full well it's a load of rubbish and thank goodness we have such great children, children who realise the difference between truth and lies, wrong and right, good and evil.

Apparently my weirdness began when I was young, probably about the same time as the abuse I would expect. Yes dear reader I'll say it now I am wierd, my husband loves me because of this, I'm quirky, I'm different, heaven forbid that I would be normal!!

Oh and 1 last thing, apparently if you read my blog from beginning to end you can see I'm someone with mental issues, dear reader did I ever say I wasn't??????

have a nice weekend, my blogging pals, may your lives be filled with "Sunshine and Lollipops" just as the song says!!
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