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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yay We Made It....

To the weekend once more!
No family dinner last night as Paul took Looby and Iain to Adventurelands, Abigail was already there at a party so they all had quite a ball. I have to say that I stayed at home working but managed to get finished up by the time Paul got in today so that we could go for a family lunch!

We went off to Amble to a family pub there and had quite a delicious meal, the food portions though were huge and I have to give medal of honour to Iain who almost managed to eat a whole adult portion of fish and chips.

Looby and Abigail had lots of fun playing funny face/nice face, this is my secret ploy now to make sure that I get some great photos of them everytime, if you are a parent and you're having trouble getting your kids to play nice for the camera why not indulge them in this fun game, the rules are funny face photo and then nice face photo, that way you can assure yourself that half the photos you take will be fabulous and the other half will probably be priceless!

It's funny this week Paul and I have both worked exceedingly hard, Paul clocked up nearly 48 hours and I managed my own job plus photography work and a memory book, my only hope is that when all the payments come through that we'll have the time to enjoy it!

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