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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Occasionally Maniacal!

We occasionally have to tell our youngest to stop with the Maniacal laughing, she's like a nutty professor possessed when she gets in these moods, honestly you've seen nothing like it, today I suspect it may have something to do with a packet of tangy tomato wheaties, not something I would usually feed the children which is how I know!!

In other matters life is fairly quiet at Chez Charlton, the only blot on the landscape is my liver apparently! I went to the doctors after being called in to "Discuss" my test results after all the recent testings because of my sudden high blood pressure, well it looks like they have found the cause, I have something wrong with my liver, this of course is a bit of a worry because he still has no idea what is wrong with me, so now I have to have more tests and be referred to a liver specialist so once again I've had to put the official launch of Mandy Charlton Designs on hold (though I am still available on a more casual basis) whilst there are further queries over my health. Funny how I seem to be lucky in love and lucky in life, if only my health would take the hint!

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Celfyddydau said...

I do the manical laughing too.

Has something to do with food colourings. Good news is she'll not grow out of it and if she's ever in a blue mood all you need to do is give her something red!

Also go into giggle fits when I'm really really tired.

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