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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Yearlington-Smythe!

Well thats what we wish each other in our house!

So here's what I got up to in the last 24 hours, a layout called Blossoming, my daughter is and when I don't want to kill her I notice just what a lovely young lady she is. Next a birthday cards, I don't really do cards but this was an exception when my hubbykins challenged me last night to come up with a birthday card, a new year card and a layout, thought I would share the birthday card and layout, the new year card was shall we say hmmmm!

The last photo I'm sharing this morning is our Cat Elphaba, she snuck in whilst I was taking photos of the layout and card, she stuck her big nose right into my lens so it's obvious dear reader that she wished to spread some new year wishes to all!

So in reveiw, and it's a quick reveiw you'll be pleased to hear dear reader, 2006 wasn't so bad, we got our acts together, conquered our own mental challenges and health problems, sorted out our financial situation and both got decent paying jobs that we both liked. We've worked hard and we're better people for it, we finally said goodbye to the tyrannical reign of Mother and for once i set myself free, 2006 really was the year or Friendship, growth, and therapy.

One thing of course has remained constant and that is scrapbooking, my reason for being, my life, my work, my passion and may that continue into 2007 and beyond.

Hubby and I both look forward to this year, a year in which we finally hope to achieve nice carpets, lovely wallpapers and maybe even a decent set of wardobes!

I wish you all dear readers the happiest and healthiest new years and may all you all achieve your dreams in 2007.

Ooh and 1 final wee iddy biddy thing, you may remember that I own a craft forum, well it's just had a major makeover and got a brand spanking new fabbaroony gallery, we've lots of exciting things planned for 2007 and prizes aplenty, membership is free and everyone is welcome regardless of location or type of craft, we are a kingdom after all! Check out the Craft Kingdom for fun, facts and much fabulousness!!


Celfyddydau said...

Love the new look here and on CK.

Fiona said...

Happy New Year sweetie xxx

Samantha said...

Happy New Year!!! I'm so glad to read such a positive post from you :) The pictures, as usual, are beautiful. The cat, silly ;) And, I love the new template!!

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