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Monday, January 08, 2007

Out with the old...

and in with the new. I think shopping is good for the soul, especially when you're buying things which you might not need but you definetly want!! Today thanks to the Tax credits people and my job we finally got to do a little recreational shopping. We bought a whole new dinner service and some fabbo cups and saucers all from my favourite store Ikea, we had seen a gorgeous rug which was half price but sadly it was sold out.

I think we're decorating or atleast on the way to renewing all that needs done in this house and blimey there is such a lot to do, I know we're talking of moving but I feel that as long as we're progressing in this house then we'e half way there.

We did pass a nice place tonight where you can take part n one of those schemes where you buy half and rent half of a house then when you've bought the first half you move on to the second half. It's so good not to have to worry about money any more, I know we're not exactly rolling in it, far from it, in most peoples eyes we're probably the poorest of the poor but in comparison to what we were used to when we were both ill it's amazing the difference, plus of course we're both happy, have jobs we love and whats more both our jobs still allow us to see the children grow up.

we saw so much furniture we loved today, it's funny how you can get excited about wardrobes but we've only had clothes rails for the last two years in our bedroom, we even saw a wrought iron bed frame which was gorgeous and totally affordable. The only hard decision is should we get the bedroom furniture first or the Wii which the kids probably think is much more of a neccessity!!


Samantha said...

I sooooooo want a WII!! They look like so much fun. But, on the other hand, I LOVE buying stuff for my house (i.e. furniture...)

Celfyddydau said...

buy the Wii and sleep on the floor!

Clare said...

I LOVE Ikea - promblem is I want everything and can never make up me mind.
hope you get the blog thing sorted out asap - Id HATE to loose my archives!! oh - and (belated) happy new year!

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