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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Is it possible to survive without photoshop?

Well I used to think it was, that was in the days when I thought my photography was ok and photoshop was something evil, however I now realise that as a photographer it's not always possible to have perfect conditions, especially in winter and when you see people saying "Hey thats a great coversion, well this is the kind of thing they're talking about. I took both of these photos yesterday and whilst they were good they're now a gazillion times better and worthy of maybe hanging on the picture wall. I especially love the one of Abigail and Looby because i manage to get so very few of them together, the one of Iain I kind of gave him an inner glow which I think if you know Iain really captures his inner essence. of course you may think my editing and photography is pants and thats fine too if thats how you feel click on and thanks for stopping by! If you love it, well thanks very much so do I, it's one of my great passions along with scrapbooking and the reason I decided to go professional and have my own business. if you really really love it, well I do photoshoots too you know!!

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