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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Because you're gorgeous

OMG, sharing so much today, can you beleive it, the server is bound to have a fit with 5 photos!

Anyway, all is well except we're freezing to death with all this icy rain, supposed to be storms today then snow after the weekend, brrrr give postman Paul a medal!

So from the top:- Altered clipboard which is so lush I'm having trouble deciding who I should send it to!

Then all occassion card which will probably get sent with the clipboard as they kind of go together!

Then Lovely gorgeous Looby whom I managed to get just a few shots of yesterday afternoon.

All is so well in Charlton Towers at the moment, my new DSLR (nikon D80 or Canon 400D0 and 85mm f1.8 lense are looking a definite by the middle of next month. After that it's pretty much onwards to world domination so watch out Mwahahahaha
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