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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Aah It's the Weekend!

Aah don't you just love the weekend?

I had planned to spend most of the weekend working but alas I'm far too easily distracted and it seemed a shame to waste Pauls day off making thw whole family wait around for me. I guess thats the good thing about working from home.

Tommorrow I have a photography job at 11am and hopefully I'll get that done before the kids come home from grandads where they're spending this evening and tommorrow morning.

I thought I would share some photos from the last couple of days, I took this lovely photo of Iain the other day and I think I must have caught him unawares as he's got such a great smile and doesn't look to freaked out like he usually does when I point the lens at him! The other photos I took this afternoon when we were out and about in Richmond in the Yorkshire Dales, we had a lovely home cooked meal and as you can see here we all took the opportunity to take photos of each other, I think somewhere I also have a photo of Paul taking a photo of Iain taking a photo

of me, thats life these days, I become a photographer and they all jump on the bandwagon! LOL Actually it's great that the whole family want to take the chance to record their own memories of out times together, thats one thing I definetly encourage and celebrate!

As per usual Abigail and Looby provided many chances to get great photos and these two were my particular favourites.

So what does tonight hold in store, well as I mentioned, all poppets are off for a spot of entertainment at the local ball pool and then in the morning they're off swimming and shold get home about 1pm. My Photography job isn't until 11am so Paul is taking me out tonight to kick my heels up and then hopefully we'll get a wee lie in tommorrow and after the week of work and fun we've had I think I'm just about ready! Oh did I mention Hubby bought himself a 7 foot fish tank? No I don't think I did, less said about that one the better!!

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Samantha said...

Isnt it great to just take a day off and spend with your family? I hope you all are well! *hugs*

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