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Monday, March 26, 2007

They're Happy, We're Happy, everyone is happy!

It's true, this little bundle has brought so much joy to our collective lives already, he's found a place in our hearts, I just wish that he would sleep through the night, as I've never had a puppy before paul didn't bother to mention that puppies are much like babies in that they don't sleep through the night, the demand constant attention and the poo and wee mostly everywhere they can!I'm just thankful that I haven't started decorating the livingroom or bought the new carpet yet, thank goodness for indecision eh?!

Actually he seems to have mastered the puppy pads so it shouldn't be too long until he's toilet trained, it's just that at the moment he's too teeny to hop up and down the stairs so we kind of have puppy pads in every room of the house at the moment! LOL

Looby is looking after him today and giving him 3 kazillion percent attention, she's off nursery as she's hhad a temperature although some calpol seems to have done the trick, she's currently sitting in a rather large and posh wicker basket which we bought from Ilva yesterday, we're using it as a doggy bed because it doesn't look out of place in our bedroom and matches the other Ilva wicker basket we have, oh and then I bought another one for the magazines in the livingroom too. I wubs Ilva!!

Have no idea what this week will bring but remember I'm available for blog design and photo editing all week as well as the standard photography work so if you think I could be of use to you, email me :)

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jafabrit said...

Your bottom photograph of your daughter with the puppy in black and white is just stunning.

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