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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Meet Fiyero

So as you may have gathered we have a puppy! LOL

He's called Fiyero and he's a six week old lakeland cross fell terrier, he's super cute and just a little bit teeny and he's fitting right in! The cats are not really sure what to make of him and he's actually giving poor Elphie a bit of a run for her money. We bought the cats red diamond studded collars today but I don't think we managed to persuade them that having Fiyero is a good thing just yet although they did appreciate the puppy food satchet and goats milk, you would think we didn't give them their own specialist food LOL!

The kids adore the new arrival, especially Looby who has wanted a doggy since the first time she ever saw one i think.

We're happy, puppy is happy, Kitties are sort of happy, kids are happy Happy Days!


Anonymous said...

Hiya Mandy, New look site is great but I can't believe you just got a dog, especially with hubby being a postie!!! Only joking, he's adorable, puppy not hubby.. although hubby probably is, oh I'll just stop I think. Any way, look forward to seeing pictures of your new addition. Big Hugs Kirstin x

jafabrit said...

your new pup is adorable :)

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