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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lack of goings on!

This cake is probably the most exciting thing to happen in our house at the moment! I made it yesterday whilst hubby had a snooze, thing is that the children have been out at various places all weekend and so hubby and I really haven't done a lot and subsequently haven't taken any photos, hubby tends to object when I keep pointing the camera in his face, still I did manage to capture todays POTD on Don't Pose which imho is a bit of a cracker!!

So nothing to report really, spent an exhorbitant amount of money in Sainsburys this morning but isn't that always the way, we now seem to have enough food to last a month and can barely shut the fridge door but you can bet by friday that it will need restocking again!

Happy Mothers day to all those lovely yummy mummy friends of mine. I received a little bunch of flowers from Looby, a bar of chocolate truffle from Iain and a vanilla scented candle from Abigail, we don't really beleive in huge gestures in our house, we simply mark occasions with something meaningful. Anyway I loved it all, all three had signed the card, even Looby and that made me melt!

So as we speak dear reader Hubby is watching the Australian grand-prix season and you know in my eyes that means spring has arrived although all the snow forecast over the next 48hrs or so might just wrangle with that!

This week - well nothing really planned as yet but in The Charlton household you can always rely on an impromptu adventure occuring! :D

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