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Sunday, March 11, 2007


My hubby bought me this yesterday in a gorgeous little coffee shop full of treasures up in Rothbury, the coffee shop is a treasure trove of little vintage decor items and costume jewellery and I knew when I saw this it was destined to end up on my wrist, I have a bit of a thing for bracelets!

Thanks to same gorgeous hubby for yesterdays blog post, I have to admit that I have been pretty darned ill since last i blogged, I think as hubby said I inhaled just a few too many fumes when decorating our master bedroom, ooh and on that very subject I must say I achieved my goal, the vintage schreiber wardrobe and all the dark chocolate mixed in with the duck egg blue just looks sumptuous and in the end it kind of reminds me of a hotel room in Brighton in the 1920's, even if hubby did comment that he keeps sliding out of the chocolate satin bedding!! I got the most fabulous wicker picnic basket from ILVA (click to see it!!) and it's now the new home for all my knicky knacky Knoos!! Pauls undergarments are in some rather fabbo vintage hatboxes picked up from Ikea. Iain commented on how I had done a marvellous job it's just a pity that I have ended up so ill because of those darned gloss fumes and i must point out that is hubbys fault as he wouldn't let me buy satinwood!!

So after a bowl of soup in Rothbury and a walk to the park we had to come home and that was when I got put to bed, there I remained mostly sleeping and trying to breathe properly until this morning. I'm feeling sort of better yet still pretty yacky today but i feel the hearty lamb stew we have cooking in the oven might be just the thing to finally sort me out. I snapped this lovely photo if Abigail in the coffee shop, sorry for the lack of photos but with decorating and being ill I've taken less than 20 this whole week, never mind though i'm sure I'll make up for it soon. 1 more thing, I need to know which room to start decorating next, its either :- The bathroom, the sittingroom, the girls room or iains room, answers on the back of a box of Heidi Swapp Chipboard letters! mwahahahaha!!


Fiona said...

So when do we get to see the decorating photos...? I love peeking at other people's houses LOL

Celfyddydau said...

Photos needed. I'll have to let you see mine too. My room is cream with chocolate and gold accents and chocolate satin curtins behind the bed! And a Chocolate velvet headboard that I made myself :D

When you're decorating
1. leave a window open
2. burn a candle

helps with the fumes, as does having a pealed onion, but think that might be worse.

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