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Monday, March 12, 2007


Not really a lot more I can say about today, I've just been horribly ill, it's a continuation of the virus caught by being Newcastles latest interior designer! LOl I think I'm kidding myself with that one, I think I'll stick to photography it's far easier and a million times more enjoyable. I am wondering still which room should get the next makeover but I think I might invest in a few ideal home mags and wait for creative inspiration to strike. Thanks to all those who requested that i photograph my room immediately, well you know I think it's fabbo and to me it looks divine but at the risk of having you all chortle yourselves silly I think I'll leave that one for now!! Anyway I'm not really a "Stuff Portrait" type of person, I only made an exception so I could play show and tell with the fabulous bracelet from hubbinsworth!!

I have some new scrapping purchases on the way as we speak, I haven't splurged in the craft department for some considerable time but as all those gorgeous goodies from CHA winter are arriving on our shores I feel my paypal account emptying with speed, it can't be long before we're back to using our own money! LOL

Photo is obviously from stock as I haven't been anywhere or felt human today, it's from Blackpool and I love it!

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