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Monday, March 05, 2007

First Ever....

photograph of the whole Charlton clan together, can you beleive that?

I have to admit to feeling more than a little shaky as I entrusted my 350d to a total stranger but I figured that as we were in her carraige waiting to be pulled along by her horse she wasn't likely to pinch it or I would refuse to move! LOL So I'm discounting the fact that she wasn't best photographer in the world and I'm looking like a hamster crossed with Bella Emberg but it sure is nice to actually finally have 1 photograph featuring the whole of my gorgeous family, see they do exist after all, I'm not just making it up so I have something to scrapbook!

Thought I would take the opportunity to share more of my Blackpool pics, I took loads but when I edited them there were about 20 or so that I kept and will scrapbook, well I say that I'll scrapbook them but I haven't been very creative of late, I decided though that today was the day so I got all my work and chores out of the way first thing and what am I doing now????? Well I managed a card and I played with some chatterbox doodle genies which BTW are pretty fab, I bought them before christmas and have only just gotten round to taking them out of their packets, not something I plan to use every day but nice to do something with when you're feeling a little bored and slumpy like I have been recently!

I have big plans though, I am shortly to attempt a 1 woman redecoration of the entire house starting with the master bedroom which can't really be called that as all 3 of our bedrooms are the exact same dimensions, how anal was the person who designed that?? LOL

I have duck egg blue and brown picked out for the colourscheme, I think the walls will probably end up the blue colour because I have the same sort of colourscheme planned for the livingroom and i figure that one can take browny walls as its far bigger, I'm not planning on going too dark, I guess though you'll have to wait a while before you can see any results as 1 woman in a 3 storey house with a paint roller is going to take more than a little time!!

I'll leave you with that Happy Pleasure Beach piccy, doesn't it look warm and sunny, I have to add that we didn't even make it into the park owing to Paul having his trusty utility tool attatched to his keyring, it contains a teeny knife you see and they don't let you into the park if you have weapons. I don't think you could even manage to peel an apple with the darned thing but hey ho there you go, rules are rules and C'est la Vie!

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