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Friday, March 30, 2007

Jumpers for Puppies

Yes it's true, Fiyero is truly a pampered pooch and rightly so for all the joy he's brought us, thats much more than can be said for Windows Vista!

Windows Vista + Photoshop = blinkin nightmare! It's taken all day just to get the thing re-installed and working, oh and if you like using the Adobe Bridge then don't bother with Vista because on my system atleast it's totally incompatible. I have to say I can cope without the bridge so long as I have my other bits and pieces so I'll not complain too much and hopefully when CS3 comes out I'll pay the upgrade fee, I noted today that it was only $199 which when converted to the pound isn't that much, better than paying the $649 for a new version!

Oh and I've also just bought Elements 5 which makes a great add on, I really love some of the photo effects like the one up above, it's far far far easier to use than CS2 so if you want some decent editing software and you are Photoshop phobic then Elements is the one you want, plus you can pick it up really cheap with the exchange rate, I got it for just under £30 which is £39.99 off the RRP, Bargain!!

So it's the weekend and for us that means a bit of R&R, it seems to have been a crazy week and it's mostly passed in a blur, I think we're off out on Sunday for a whole day of family fun, not entirely sure where as it depends on the weather but it's been requested that we either go somewhere with animals or to an aquarium so you know, I guess thats what we'll do!

OOh had some brilliant news this week, Iain has had all his Special Educational Needs lessons cancelled as he's been signed off for being too clever, Way to go Iain!!

Happy Friday Everyone


Fiona said...

Oh my word!! Isn't he just the most adorable little doggy :D Puppies make me all dog-broody, although I don't think we'll ever get one.

Well done to iain - clever boy!

mollymandy said...

isnt he lovely mandy love his jumper colour suits him jackiexxx

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