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Monday, March 19, 2007

The Diet Begins.....

Argh, can't believe I'm dieting but since the Dr at the hospital advised that I really should be 2 stone lighter i thought I would listen to his advice rather than stare death in the face as I watched my liver turn to fatty gel! The funy thing is though as this is the part that I'm pissed at (yes i'm swearing but with reason) he failed to give me any credit for the fact that i used to be a size 20 and that the only reason I am a 16 is because I gave up smoking and had a hysterectomy (gosh I'm so bad!!!) yes no credit for either of the above. I did laugh when he said that I would feel so much better for it as I feel more well than I have ever in my entire life, we go walking almost every weekend and I can even skip along with Looby and Abigail. If it weren't for the pesky pangs in my liver and the fact that blood tests tell me that all is not well in that area I would have told him where to stick his diet but for the sake of my health I am listening and acting accordingly.

So this morning alone I must have lost half a stone as not only did I have a bowl of sawdust and woodchip shavings for breakfast but I also skipped briefly with Looby and at one point we even ran, well I am now obviously already a size smaller and no doubt by the end of the week I'll be a mere shadow of my former self!

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Celfyddydau said...

Good luck, if you're anything like me you'll eat less and put on weight!

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