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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


A layout created yesterday, I really love this though it's quite simple, I often find though that the best things are easy!!, I also invented a whole new mini book format last night, if you want to see that then go over to my photoblog and start learning how to make a butterfly book and if you're wondering why it's not shown here, well to be honest it's because I put it on the wrong blog and I haven't the energy to move it! LOL

You know we do lots of fun things over at my forum the Craft Kingdom, come along, join in, have fun and meet other crafty individuals, you never know you might just have the best time of your life and the best thing of all is that it's all free! We're currently open to all manner of crafts and we also cover the joys of taking photographs for pleasure and enjoying documenting the moment, you don't have to be David Bailey and you can even join in with your humble camera phone!!

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jafabrit said...

Your butterfly book is fantastic.

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