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Friday, March 23, 2007

A good end to the week.

Well I have to say that this week has ended far better than it began, at the start of the week my head was swimming with just what I was going to do in the future, I have too much spare time and since Lyn sadly had to scale down Happy Scrapper due to health reasons I've had even more spare time.

Thankfully it seems I have found the answer - ahh yes well it's only really been the last couple of days that people are finding out that not only am I a portrait photographer but I'm doing photo editing and blog design too.

By the way if you're interested in the photo editing just email me with the photos and tell me what you need, I do cosmetic stuff such as spot, blemish and wrinkle removal and I also do black and white conversion, colour popping and high key, I can do other stuff too but thats the basic, I can do any number of photos and I aim to turn them around in the quickest possible time, however as we do have busy lives it could be 1-7 days, in the case of a client earlier today, my turnaround time was a mere couple of hours. Again if you're interested email me and we'll discuss!

For blog design you're looking at approximately the same time scale depending on your requirements but plenty of email contact ensures you receive the blog template you want.

You can pay me in craft products or cash via paypal depending on the size of the job and of course the joy of all this enterprise is that it can be done remotely so even if you on yonder side of the world I can still perform these services!!

Happy weekend everyone and remember as lovely old geordies say "Shy Bairns Get Nee Sweeties"

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Susan said...

Love your blog here...VERY creative stuff. I found it via a link at someone else's "Elphaba" caught my eye...then Defying Gravity...Wicked has recently become my FAVORITE musical...I've seen it twice since December and have listened to the CD hundreds of times. I am planning to read the book next...

Have a great day,

:-) Susan

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