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Friday, March 16, 2007

The Royal Camera (phone)

So you love to blog and you love photography, the next step you might take is to get a photoblog, well thats just what this Friendly Royal Mail man has done. He doesn't claim to be a genius photographer and indeed this is his own completely unique and sometimes wacky perspective on the world through the eyes of his humble camera phone. I think what is great is that it's about the love of recording the sites he sees rather than worrying about the art of photography itself. He's always had a pretty unique veiw of the world and I have to say that I'm popping this in my blogroll as from today and will celebrate the fact that it's there just because we all get a little bogged down by thinking our photos aren't great or worrying what other people think of them so I say yay to the freedom of 1 man, a postal round and a camera phone!! Go over the Royal Camera and say HI!!

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