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Thursday, March 22, 2007

So I was thinking....

That maybe I would do a short course in web design, I have now taught myself enough of the basics to get along fine and since I'm getting there with my HTML and CSS and am also pretty nifty with photoshop I don't think it would prove to be too much of a challenge and I reckon it's one of those things which could end up bringing in some extra pennies and with three children they would come in mighty handy.
I'm already thinking of designing some blogger templates although thats more about it being fun and a learning curve more than anything else. If you like my template and you fancy having something custom designed for your blog why not email me (column at the side --->>>>) and we'll see together what we can sort out, I can always be bribed with the promise of a few scrapping goodies in exchange for setting up blogs and designing templates.

Don't get me wrong I love being a photographer but there's absolutely nothing wrong with having even more strings to ones bows. You know the best bit of all this is that up until a few years ago I thought that I wasn't very good at anything and of pretty much no use to anyone and now I see that was all just part of damaged me. I know now that I'm pretty darned good at lots of things and I can turn my hand to just abot anything I set my mind to, doesn't stop me doubting my abilities of course but hey I'm still recovering! LOL

Ooh did I mention that I can also edit photos?!!! Looks like I might just be in demand sometime soon!!


Anonymous said...

Ahem, pick me, pick me! First in the queue to take you up on the editing offer - if I sent you a piccie do you think you could have a look at it and see if you can remove the fence/gate that is behind my (soon-to-be) SIL? I'd be happy to send you a little scrap related gift. Hope you haven't been snapped up already! Kxx

Celfyddydau said...

I have a real test of her sanity, A chain link fence in front of the subject :D

Or I might give her the torn to peices photo of my grandad.

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