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Sunday, October 01, 2006

We're going on a conker hunt, we're not scared!

You know sometimes when the sun just shines no matter what the weather is really doing, well thats what life feels like for me today! Today I took the girls to the park and on a conker hunt, nothing special you might think, well when you take into account that it's the park which i was attacked in which lead me to be agoraphobic you might think a little differently. Just lately i have been going out on my own rather a lot and feeling great about it, I really appreciate every moment as I know just waht i have been through to get here and now this, well I'm a little overwhelmed, I'm really proud of me right now!! We had the most awesome time, we walked miles and as you can see from Abigails backpack we came home heavy with conkers. I've never been on a conker hunt with my girls before and we just had the best time. Iain is off with Paul at footy and I know now who'll have had the biggest adventure and the best day today!!


jafabrit said...

oh I wish I was going on a conker hunt with my mum :) Mandy I had so much fun being home, hearing geordie, being able to speak geordie, seeing my old haunts. I will be posting tidbits of my visit. By the way I can't get over how they still demand people pay for a tv licence, but did away with dog licences. weird. lol! Have fun with the conkers.

Celfyddydau said...

Well done! :D So proud of you.


Unknown said...

Well done Mandy, nothing can stop you now, SuzyB xxx

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