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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ooh lovely sculpture!

Yes it was family sculpture today in saltwell park, the 21st year beleive it or not, now then the thing si we couldn't join in and make our own sculpture due to two little poppets who would have ended up nailed to trees being given hammers and nails but we did have a quite fantastic day looking at all the other clever families sculptures that they had made and also the new art installations in the part one fo which seen here is called the language stone, quite fabulous I thought, I think it says I love you or I adore you, effective though! we also met Pauls relative today, we call her Auntie Tanya and she's the most normal and lovely member of his family, maybe because she's the only one I actually get along with and because she loved spending the day with us and the girls!

Took lots of photos but not many turned out well today, thing is though i wasn't actually trying today, i was just capturing the day as it happened, I do quite like the one of Abigail seen here, that one is sure to go in my portfolio, you should see it at A4 size!

So a nice relaxing day spent re-connecting and just basically being and that for me is what Sundays should be all about!

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jafabrit said...

I went there with mum last month and saw the sculpture in the lake and loved it. I would have loved to see the family sculpture day. It has always been a fantastic park. I used to go to Gateshead Technical college when I was a teen and go to the park all the time (for lunch and meet boys hee hee).

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