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Sunday, October 15, 2006

I've Been Busy

as you can see from all this stuff I seem to have created over the last couple of days! Firstly there's the other christmas cards for the challenge I set on the Craft Kingdom, then there's a Halloween goody bag with accompanying card for a swap and then there's the layout created with yesterdays star photograph of my gorgeous daughter! This is the second layout I have made with this months Happy Scrapper kit, all I had to add was the small sprinkling of Prima flowers!

Do you know I actually dream of cake, I was having this fantastic dream this morning about fruit pies to be exact when I hear F#@K, lovely Hubby had just awoken and realised that he'd overslept by an hour and was late for football, hopefully he got there on time, funny how much longer you get to sleep for though when there's no small children to come and get you up!
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