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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Little Miss Grouchy

OMG, I woke up grouchy today, I didn't sleep well last night and I have to say it's been affecting my mood today, I made a few Christmas cards and then i scrapped but it was a straight to scapbook production, not bad enough for the bin but not good enough to share, then I was trying to take some photos but it's too dark indoors without a flash and you know I hate flash, I did get one kind of salvagable one of my hubby who I must stress still had his trews on, the girls of course are at grandmas so I couldn't even get them this afternoon and theres no point trying to get iain as he'll only get upset if i pounce with my camera without warning!

I really hope I sleep better this evening as I just hate grouchy days!

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Jenga said...

Hope you cheer up soon xxx

I have read your blog before and have to admit I reckon that hubby of yours is rather dishy :)

Thanks for the Autumn blog prompt- used it today.

Chin up xxx

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