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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Meet Tilly...


Tilly is Jacquis 4 year old fluffy bundle of old english sheepdoggyness, she's the most scrumptuous bundle of loveliness you could ever hope to come accross. the only problem with Tilly is that her hair covers her eyes and apparently she can take you down from behind if she doesn't sniff you out in time!! She's such a lollop and of course Looby just adored her. Looby is a definite friend of the animals and is destined to be a vet or something similar, nothing brings more joy to looby than animals whether it be a doggy, a kitty or even a big cow, she's fearless and they make her giggle. I would like to state now though that the animals might not feel quite the same, it's no secret that our cats have now moved onto the top of the kitchen cupboards and for the most part they happily sit there watching knowing that they're safe from her grasp Mwahahahahaha!

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Bex said...

OMG Tilly is adorable!
I am picturing SB LO's for that pic already!

Love Bex (Newbie Scrapper!)

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