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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I don't very often bitch....

on my blog because basically i'm a happy cheery person and nothing bothers me, well nothing other than my Mother who cracks me up beyond belief.

In just this past week I have been instructed on how to behave in the company of respectable people, ironing tips, again because you wouldn't want to be wrinkled in the company of those higher up the social ladder and then tonight came the absolute precepice of her insults.

for anyone who doesn't know my mother thinks craft is silly, stupid and that people who buy cards put so much more thought into it than people who make them. She doesn't get scrapbooking, thinks it's a total waste of time and money and thinks that because my job is online that it doesn't really exist. So I'm n the phone to her tonight and she says......

"Do you know any scrapbookers who have just come back from the Dominican republic?"

I say "No mother there are actually some scrappers I don't actually know" (maybe she thinks there are only 5 of us in the country!!)

"Well" she says "Your brother met a lovely couple when he was out there getting married and you'll never guess what, she's a scrapbooker and she's going to scrap the wedding photos for them and put them in an album, won't that be lovely, i've told him I'll want to see it"

What? when I offered to do this I was told that it wouldn't be appreciated, aah so I think i get it now, it's not the scrapping they have the problem with it's jus regular old me, Oh well, nothing changes!!!

Onwards to my holidays!!
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